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Implantes Dentários
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O Implante ALPHA

Two step or stage implant with diameter of 4 mm. It is available in 4 lengths of 5,5 mm, 7 mm and 13 mm. The implant must be placed subcrestally by 2 mm to allow for the platform switching of the abutment. This must be taken into account when preparing the implant site. The implant is seated by light tapping after the CAP/ healing abutment has been fitted.


  • Hard and dense bone D1- D2 types
  • All clinical cases of 2 stage surgeries
  • Vertical bone height greater than 7.5 mm


  • Reduced bone thickness/width off less than 8 mm


  • Drilling the desired or planned depth ( L + 2)
  • Positioning
  • Fitting of CAP/ healing abutment
  • Soft or light tapping to seat implant -Sutures for primary closure for optimal healing

Supra-structure - SSABU

It fits into the body of the implant with a friction fit due to the morse taper/ cone connection of 3 degrees. A haxagon configuration at bottom of post allows positioning of scalloped shape to match the gingival contours. The prosthetic options can be cementable or screw retained. A screw retained option is possible due to the internal well of the abutment.

Technical Sheet

Insertion ALPHA (D1-D2)

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