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Biocompatibility in vivo

Carried out at : "ECOLE NATIONALE VETERINAIRE DE NANTES" (a major veterinary university)

  • 3 materials: PEEK- OPTIMA, cpTi F67, BIOPIK®
  • 30 rabbits
  • Cylindric implants with: 2mm diameter
  • 6mm length
  • Identical state of surface: polished
  • Identical surface treatment
  • Studies on fits:SEM,Histology

École Nationale Vétérinaire de Nantes (a major veterinary university)

in vivo 1 in vivo 2
in vivo 3 in vivo 4

At 27 days

A dense multilayer of osteoblasts is attached to the surface of BIOPIK®.Histology confirm these findings. Some osteoblasts growth on the material.

For Titanium : At 27 days a disparate and little dense layer of new developed osteoblasts strew the cpTi F67 at the surface. Histology confirm these findings.

cpTi F67 cpTi F67

For BIOPIK® material : A multi layer of osteoblasts growth all around the BIOPIK® implant. All the areas between BIOPIK® material and the bone are filled.The osteoblasts are growing up on the osteoconductive BIOPIK® material.

Biopik® In Vivo à 27 jours Biopik® In Vivo à 27 jours


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